The fun they had-summary and Quiz

Check your comprehension. Answer all the questions.

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RankUser% Correct Answers
1.D.sai akshitha NHS100%
3.E. Akshaya100%
4.E.Akshaya NHS100%
6.Pranaykumar NHS100%
7.E.Akshaya Nos100%
8.E. Akshaya NHS100%
9.Ch Havila100%
10.Karthika, NHS87%
12.V shanmukha amogdha NHS67%
13.Y.nissi nhs67%
14.MRY nhs60%
15.K. Bhanu sree NHS60%
16.M.rahul NHS53%


One day, Margie writes in her diary. It is May 17, 2157. She writes, “Today Tommy found a real book!” The book is very old. Margie’s grandfather told her that a long time ago, all stories were on paper.

Tommy and Margie look at the book. The pages are yellow. The words do not move like on a screen. Tommy thinks it is a waste because when you finish a book, you throw it away. Margie agrees. Tommy found the book in his attic. It is about school.

Margie does not like school. She has a mechanical teacher. The teacher gives her many tests in geography. Margie is not doing well. Her mother calls the County Inspector to check the teacher. The Inspector fixes the teacher. He says it is not Margie’s fault. The geography was too hard. Margie hopes they take the teacher away, but they do not.

Tommy explains that the book is about the old kind of school. It is different from Margie’s school. In the old days, the teacher was a person, not a machine. The kids went to a special building and learned together. Margie thinks it sounds fun.

Margie wants to read more, but her mother calls her for school. Margie goes to her schoolroom next to her bedroom. The mechanical teacher is on. It is time for her arithmetic lesson. Margie thinks about how kids had fun in the old schools. She wishes she could go to a school like that.

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